Strategic venture philanthropy with real-world impact.


UCeed is a group of early-stage investment funds, backed by philanthropic support, accelerating UCalgary and community-based startup companies to advance problem-solving research, create jobs and fuel the economy.

Supported by the generosity of donors who want to make positive economic and community impact, UCeed fills the gap between government and social funding and private investment.

UCeed investee companies are chosen through a robust selection process. Their ability to diversify the economy, develop healthier communities, and shape the future of talent in our province through their innovation are key criteria.

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Foundational pillars

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    Accelerating Innovation from within UCalgary and our surrounding communities.

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    Enriching the quality and breadth of learning by providing real-world opportunities for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.

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    Integrate UCalgary with communities both on and off campus through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why UCeed?

UCeed is critical for the future economic and talent diversification of our city and our province. A core program at Canada’s most entrepreneurial university and the country’s largest philanthropically driven university-based venture fund, UCeed is the culmination of UCalgary’s focus on entrepreneurial thinking, invention, innovation, education and community impact.

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The UCeed Difference

UCeed operates at the centre of a robust and thriving ecosystem at UCalgary that incubates innovation and supports and invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs. It isn’t just about research and commercialization; UCeed develops talent for the future workforce and launches the technology of tomorrow.

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Our Funds

Focused on strategic priority areas for UCalgary, our city, and province, UCeed has launched a series of funds poised to make immediate impact, diversify the economy, and create new industries, opportunities and jobs.

  • Health

    The UCeed Health Fund is supported by the generosity of the River Fund at the Calgary Foundation and their mission to build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs.

    Serving a robust pipeline of UCalgary and community-based health enterprises through two levels of investment opportunity, the UCeed Health Fund is transforming the future of human and community health.

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  • Child Health and Wellness

    UCeed Child Health and Wellness is funded by the generosity of our community through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and their mission to inspire our community to invest in excellence in child health, research and family-centred care.

    Serving a robust pipeline of UCalgary and community-based child health enterprises through two levels of investment opportunity, the UCeed Child Health and Wellness Fund is Canada’s first early-stage investment fund for child health, which is a priority research area for UCalgary.

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  • Social Impact

    The UCeed Social Impact Fund is powered by the generosity of the United Way of Calgary and Area and their mission to mobilize communities for lasting social change. The UCeed Social Impact Fund accelerates social purpose organizations using enterprising models to reach mission-critical milestones. These may include their next round of financing or attraction of management and resources to build value in the companies and community. As an early-stage investment fund, UCeed uses outcome-based investment with funding to accomplish defined milestones.

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  • Haskayne Student

    One of Western Canada’s first university-based private equity funds managed by and for students. Supported through professional oversight and coaching from Innovate Calgary and Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies, the UCeed Haskayne Student Fund spurs entrepreneurship and innovation amongst UCalgary students and trains the private equity leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning. Integrated with UCalgary’s world-class Haskayne School of Business curriculum, UCeed is bridging the gap between theory and practice through a personalized educational experience.

    UCeed Haskayne Students Fund is supported by the generosity of the Cannonball Sport and Education Foundation and UCalgary donors wanting to make an impact.

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Meet Our Advisors

The success and credibility of UCeed are backed by Investment Advisory Groups for each fund. Experienced professionals with deep sector experience, proven leadership, and knowledge and expertise in fund investment are hand-selected to join UCeed as advisors. These volunteers provide mentorship and support to participants, deep-rooted community connections, and critical support through decision-making and third-party validation.

Health Advisors

Jahangir Appoo headshot

Dr. Jehangir Appoo

Clinical Associate Professor, Libin Cardiovascular Institute

As Clinical Associate Professor at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute at the University of Calgary, and Founder of AIoTHealth, Dr. Jehangir Appoo combines his medical expertise with his deep interest in venture capital to make a positive impact on the future of healthcare. This former heart surgeon is an associate with the Rockies (Calgary), Vancouver and Toronto sites of Creative Destruction Lab. He is also an Expert Advisor for the Life Science Innovation Hub at Innovate Calgary, Senior Fellow for the Fraser Institute and on the Editorial Board for the Annals of Thoracic Surgery. He has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and brings together a wealth of academic expertise with close connections and engagement with early-stage health and technology companies.

Child Health and Wellness Advisors

Chen Fong headshot

Dr. Chen Fong

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Chen Fong is an iconic figure in the health and start-up communities, bringing his expertise as a radiologist and a seasoned investor to help advance new ventures. Dr. Fong has supported many entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into successful companies. Now a Professor Emeritus, he has a long history with the University of Calgary as Professor and Head of Radiology, as a founding member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, and launching the Imaging Research Group at the Cumming School of Medicine. He has received many honours including the Order of Canada for his contribution to medical technology innovation and philanthropy, an honorary Doctor of Law from the University of Calgary, induction in Junior Achievement, Southern Alberta’s Business Hall of Fame, and the 2021 Distinguished Business Leader Award. He is a Founding Fellow of Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Rockies and is on CDL’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Social Impact Advisors

Brad Zumwalt headshot

Brad Zumwalt

President, Zinc Ventures

As a leader in the tech and start-up community for over 30 years, Brad Zumwalt has been a champion of innovation in Alberta. Currently President of Zinc Ventures and director of several tech companies including Uppercut and Assembly, he has served on the boards of Alberta Enterprise Corporation, Rainforest Foundation, Alberta University of the Arts, Science Alberta Foundation, University Technologies International, Viewpoint Foundation, Social Venture Partners Calgary and Innovate Calgary. His early career began at Image Club Graphics, starting as an intern and moving his way up to the top position. He led the company’s acquisition by Adobe Systems; he then led Adobe’s worldwide visual content team. In 1998, he founded EyeWire.com, a visual content and design company, later acquired by Getty Images. He has won numerous awards, including Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 and the Generosity of Spirit Award. He is the co-founder of Rainforest Alberta, a network dedicated to nurturing and advancing Alberta’s innovation ecosystem and also worked with the City of Calgary to build Platform, an innovation centre in the city’s East Village. Believing in the importance of having a strong culture of innovation, he now dedicates his time as an angel investor and community volunteer. 

Haskayne Student Advisors

Alice Reimer headshot

Alice Reimer 

Co-founder and CEO, Evoco Inc.

Alice Reimer is a trailblazer in Alberta’s tech start-up community, having helped build the innovation ecosystem in Alberta for the last two decades. Her long list of roles includes co-founder and CEO of Evoco Inc., CEO of Chaordix, CEO of Fillip and Site Lead of Creative Destruction Lab Rockies. She is also co-founder of The51, an organization pushing to raise the percentage of women-founded start-ups and financing for women-led start-ups. She has been recognized for her work in the start-up community, being named one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs by PROFIT W100, and one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People in 2013. She has led the boards for the A100 and Startup Calgary and acts as mentor for Venture Mentorship Service of Alberta.

Building a Legacy

Your gift supports a thriving ecosystem that is working towards an evergreen model, leaving a long-term legacy.

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    Supported by generosity

    UCeed is funded through venture philanthropy and is supported by the generosity of private donors and charitable organizations.

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    Evergreen funding model

    With administrative costs covered by UCalgary, zero management fees, and all returns reinvested back into the program, UCeed’s evergreen funding model ensures your gift leaves a legacy that continues to propel technological innovation, talent development and the economy.

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    Creating future opportunities

    Gifts to UCeed pay back in multiple ways and have a wide-range of long term benefits. Giving to UCeed takes research and innovation to new heights, creates opportunities for the community and builds experiences for students.

Strategic Partners

UCeed is powered by strategic partners who want to make a positive impact and leave a legacy.

Interested in becoming a donor?

  • Cannonball Sport & Education Foundation
    Cannonball Sport & Education Foundation

    The UCeed Haskayne Student Fund (UHSF) is supported by the generosity of the Cannonball Sport and Education Foundation and UCalgary donors wanting to make an impact. The foundation’s contribution to the UCeed Haskayne Student Fund has not only advanced talented startups with innovative ideas, but it has given UCalgary students a unique learning opportunity that very few other post-secondary institutions can match.
 With the Cannonball Foundation’s commitment to robust, experiential learning opportunities for students, they champion the next generation of business leaders and help them gain essential skills and insights through hands-on education.  

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  • River Fund Calgary Foundation Logo
    River Fund Calgary Foundation Logo

    With a strong belief and vision for our community, the Calgary Foundation River Fund has invested in the UCeed Health Fund to accelerate innovation and advance bold ideas. The Calgary Foundation is dedicated to creating a healthy, vibrant environment that will benefit everyone. Through the power of collaborative philanthropy, community donors partner with innovative programs, like UCeed, to create long-term impact. The foundation’s commitment to UCeed is allowing game-changing new ventures to further their ideas and make a real difference in the health outcomes for patients.

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  • Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation
    Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation

    Support from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation (ACHF) has empowered UCeed to establish the country’s first investment fund focused on Child Health and Wellness. Through community support, ACHF has built a strong reputation for the investments it makes in children’s health – investments that improve health outcomes for children and impact the lives of families across our province. By supporting pediatric research and empowering experts to make significant, life-saving discoveries, ACHF is advancing innovation and creating healthier communities.
 ACHF’s commitment to UCeed has allowed early-stage ventures to further pursue their research findings so that they can make real impact for real families. Their investment in UCeed is a part of their mission to fund critical programs, technology, research and experts that will make positive, life-changing improvements.

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  • United Way of Calgary and Area
    United Way of Calgary and Area

    The Social Impact fund launched with support from United Way of Calgary and Area and is the first partnership of its kind. United Way’s commitment to UCeed and its vision for using social innovation to address complex problems and create systemic change, reflects its reputation as a true leader and champion for our community. This unique partnership represents the bold thinking and leadership that our community inspires. It takes action to create real change, and the collaboration of Canada’s entrepreneurial university with United Way of Calgary and Area is poised to create strong impact.

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  • Grayscale Alberta logo
    Grayscale Alberta logo

    With a commitment to enhancing Alberta’s non-profit and arts sectors and strengthening our province’s economy, the Government of Alberta Ministry of Culture and Status of Women supports the UCeed Social Impact Fund through its Creative Partnerships Alberta initiative. With a shared vision of a flourishing community powered by innovation and socially-focused entrepreneurship, the Government of Alberta and UCeed are empowering ventures to create positive change across the province. Under the Government’s new Creative Partnerships Alberta strategy, they are making investments in programs that drive progress and improve the lives of Albertans.

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  • TD Ready Commitment logo in greyscale
    TD Ready Commitment logo in greyscale

    Through the generosity of a TD Ready Commitment grant, education and entrepreneurial support services have been provided to UCeed ventures as they work towards commercializing their community-enhancing research and innovation. The TD Ready Commitment program is on a mission to create conditions that will allow everyone to have the chance to succeed in a changing world. Their partnership with UCeed is accelerating startups and giving them the tools and support they need to advance their ideas. With TD’s generous support, UCeed ventures have access to resources and expertise that will elevate their ideas and bring their research to market. Through this grant, TD is bringing together people, business and philanthropy to make a real impact on our community.  

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Future Funds

The innovation and technology supported by targeted areas within UCeed provide the strategic outcomes that will drive knowledge economy growth, attract investment, accelerate diversification, and enhance economic, social and environmental outcomes. UCeed takes UCalgary and community-based research out of the lab and into the sectors where it will have the biggest impact.

To address the current and future needs of our communities, UCalgary and our partners regularly conduct environmental analyses and identify future opportunities for impact. Strategic fund opportunities currently being explored include energy, agriculture, science, city building, and performance and creative arts.

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From UCalgary students who get their first job in a lab supporting innovative invention, researchers who are translating lab-based discovery into community impact, students and staff supporting UCeed venture capital, and new grads working for an entrepreneurial start-up, UCeed creates new jobs that fuel the economy and shape the future of our province.

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  • $14M Raised

  • 4 UCeed Funds

  • $1.95M Invested

  • 15 Investments

2022 Impact Forecast

  • $30M Raised

  • 6 UCeed Funds

  • 90 Investments

  • 120 Jobs Created

2025 Impact Forecast

  • $50M Raised

  • 8 UCeed Funds

  • 255 Investments

  • 900 Jobs Created


Help shape the future of tomorrow, today!

A strategic philanthropic investment into UCeed will drive innovation, talent development and our economy. UCeed will propel UCalgary, the City of Calgary and Alberta as a global leader in entrepreneurship, technology development, venture creation, and industry diversification. Your investment will leave a lasting legacy supporting future generations and their bold ideas.

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